Get treated within an hour

Get your dental emergency treated within an hour

Emergency Dentist Amsterdam is the fastest and best way for you to get your dental emergency treated. Our experienced emergency dentist team is ready to get called anytime 24/7. Before we opened our dental clinic, various dentists across Amsterdam had their own emergency regulation. Now there is Emergency Dentist Amsterdam. We can work together with all dental clinics in Amsterdam. We provide 24/7 caretaking for their patients and we make sure they make a checkup appointment with the dental clinic where they came from. We are located on an easy to reach location close to Amsterdam Central Station so if you have a problem with your tooth you can swing by and we help you ASAP

We have more than 18 years experience in our profession. We have learned that it is important for our patients to feel safe and understood and that is what we try to accomplish every day of the year With more than 6 rooms we are the best solution for your problem. We only do dental emergencies so you will always be helped very quickly. We have a special room for the childer. In this room, we have child-friendly dentists who are trained to work well with children. We are also able to help you or your child if you have braces. Just go to our emergency clinic and we will help you with your problem. If you are afraid of the dentist but you do have a problem, we can strongly recommend to come to our emergency clinic. All our dentists have special experience with people with fears for dentists. If you come to our clinic and notify us of your fears we will take extra care to make the treatment go as comfortable as possible. We aim to help you overcome your fear for the dentist.

You are welcome to come over to our clinic at any time even without a appointment. In the Netherlands, the price of a dentist are regulated by the Government and often covert by your ensures company but you are also able to pay cash or by credit card


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